Chimay (BE)

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Chimay (pronunciation: ​[ʃimɛ], Walloon: Chimai) is a Walloon municipality (9,841 inhabitants end 2017) in the administrative district of Thuin, province of Hainaut. It is the source of the Oise River. The municipality was created with a merger of 14 communes in 1977: Chimay, Baileux, Bailièvre, Bourlers, Forges, L'Escaillère, Lompret, Rièzes, Robechies, Saint-Remy, Salles, Vaulx, Villers-la-Tour, Virelles.

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Postal history before 1910

The CHIMAY post office opened before 1830. It used a postal code 27 with bars (before 1864) and 82 with points before 1874. VAULX on 10 April 1877. RIEZES on 10 June 1881. BOURLERS opened on 19 October 1897.

Postmarks after 1950

Postal codes: 6460 to 6464

Baudouin period

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Postmarks before 1950

Leopold III period

Albert I period

CHIMAY Railway in 1926

Leopold II period

Chimay (BE) LII a.jpg

Leopold I period