Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1999 Wildlife

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date: 17 June 1999
  • Designed by: Melinda Coombes
  • Printed by: SNP Ausprint
  • Print Process: Offset lithography
  • Perforations: 14 x 14½
  • Dimensions: 37.5 mm x 26 mm
  • Format: sheetlets of 20
  • Withdrawal date: 30 June 2000


This sheetlet features images of the marine life, wildlife, plant life and boats of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and an aerial view of the main Cocos atoll. The sheetlet was created using photographs and printed in six-colour hexachrome to give a ‘real-life’ effect.

Row one

  • 45c White Tern (Gygis alba);
  • 25c Masked Booby (Sula dactylatra);
  • 10c Direction Island lagoon – a popular haven for yachts;
  • 5c The Cocos Malay sailing boat, the jukong

Row two

  • 45c Red-tailed tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda westralis) and Greater Frigatebird (Fregata minor)
  • 25c Danaus chrysippus petilia, a subspecies of the Lesser Wanderer and the Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus)
  • 10c Black-backed butterflyfish (Chaetodon melannotus), the golden coloured Bennett’s butterflyfish (Chaetodon bennetti) with dark false eye spot and the Ornate butterflyfish (Chaetodon ornatissimus) with deep yellow/orange diagonal bands across its back
  • 5c The Dotted butterflyfish (Chaetodon semion), Meyeris butterflyfish with black bands running across its back, and the Saddled butterflyfish (Chaetodon ephippium)

Row three

  • 45c Chinese Rose or Rose of China (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
  • 25c Lesser Frigatebird (Fregata ariel) and Greater Frigatebird
  • 10c Moorish Idols (Zanclus cornutus) are usually seen in pairs or small groups
  • 5c The large Green turtle (Chelonia mydas), weighing up to 400 kilograms, and Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) with its beak-like upper jaw

Row four

  • 45c Meadow Argus (Junonia villida)
  • 25c Hippotion velox moth
  • 10c The small, brightly coloured Pseudoanthias cooperi live in groups comprising one male and several females. When the male dies, the head female quickly assumes male colouration and functional testes
  • 5c Chaetodon ornatissimus, Chaetodon meyeri, Chaetodon bennetti and Chaetodon ephippium appear in this stamp along with the Clark’s Anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii), the most widely distributed of all anemonefishes.

Row five

  • 45c The Sea Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus) sighted growing on the lagoon margins of the West Island
  • 25c The Common Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina nerina) is also known as the Blue Moon or Varied Eggfly
  • 10c Red-tailed tropicbirds (Phaethon rubricauda westralis) have a body length of 46 cm with tail streamers up to 35 cm
  • 5c The Humphead or Giant wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) is one of the few predators of the Crown of Thorns starfish.


Sheetlet of 20

First Day Covers

The first day of issue postmark was Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia 6799.

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