Egypt 2002 Ancient Egyptian Artifacts and Sites (definitives)

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 2002 (various dates)
  • ten values
  • Designed by: Lydia Farid, Said Abdel Aziz el Badrawy, Mahmoud Youssry, after photographs
  • Printed by: Post Printer, Cairo
  • Print process: photogravure, or lithography (10p, 225p and E£5)
  • stamp format height 30½mm x width 25mm (10p, 30p); height 25mm x width 30½mm (50p, E£1)
  • stamp format height 42mm x width 25mm (110p, 125p, 150p, 225p, E£5)
  • Perforations: 11.25 x 11.25, 12.75 x 13.25 (10p), or 13.25 x 12.75 (50p, 225p and E£5)
  • Issue dates - May 25 2002 (10p, 30p, 225p). June 1, 2002 (E£5). June 4, 2002 (110p).
  • June 15, 2002 (150p). June 20, 2002 (125p). June 30, 2002 (25p, 50p, E£1)
10p 20th dynasty scene: royal couple enthroned and man
25p Pharoah Sesostris III
30p Princess Merit Aton
50p 20th dynsasty scene: royal couple and musicians
110p statue of the wife of Shekh El Balad
125p mask of Pharoah Psusenes I
150p golden figurine of Tutankhamun
225p obelisk of Pharoah Ramses II
E£1 the pyramid of Snefru
E£5 temple of Karnak