Elsfleth (DE)

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Elsfleth is a town (9,105 inhabitants end 2018) in the district of Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated at the confluence of the Hunte with the Weser, on the left bank of the Weser. It has a school of navigation, a harbour and docks. Historically in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg.

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Postmark in Unified-Germany

Postmark in German Empire

Postmark in North German Confederation

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmarks in Grand Duchy of Oldenburg

A linear postmark was in use before 1852.

Frame ELSFLETH on a 1/3 S.Gr. 1855 issue. Fragment sold 1,700 SF in 1994.


Frame ELSFLETH on a 3 Groschen 1859 issue. Corinphila in 1998.
Frame ELSFLETH on a 2 Groschen 1861 issue. Sold 5,000 SF by Corinphila in 1996.