Forwarding Agents of London (GB)

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LONDON, Great Britain

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Forwarding agents worked in conjunction with the Post Offices. A forwarding agent was a person, agency, or business involved in the collection, shipment, and delivery of letters to a designated place.

Many postal services would terminate their routes at frontiers, area's of war or conflict or seaports. Individual firms of exporters, shipping companies etc would set up as forwarding agents in order to supply onward transmission of letters. One of the earliest was Lamfranchi of Antwerp who is known forwarding from 1579 between Venice and London, Donere of Paris and Calai is also an early forwarding agent.


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Agassiz & Wilson

H. S. Aguirreso, Larte y Murrieta

J. G. Alcenius & Co.

Alison Camberlege & Co.

Andrews & Tariner

Arbuthnot & Latham

Anselmo De Arroyave

Charles Atkins & Co.

Geo. H. Aylwyn


Bainbridge & Brown

Sam'l Baker

James Banks Taylor

James Barber & Co.

James Barber & Co.

Capt Barbers E. India Agency

Barclay Bros & Co.

Gio. Barelli

Baring Bros & Co.

Baring Bros & Co.

Baring Bros & Co.

Baring Bros.

Barry Ring & Burke

John Batt & Co.

Battier Zornlen

M. L. Bauer & Co.

Bell & Grant

Beneke, Souchay & Co.

Jas Birkell

Wm. Blank

Blow & Raecke

E. Boehm & J. Taylor

Jacob Boranques

L. Bovay

Geo. Bowie & Cie

Boyd, Miller & Co.

Brandon & Bervousour

Rich'd Brandt

Brock & Le Mesurier

T. H. Brooking & Co.

Brown, Shipley & Co.

Walter Buchanan

Budden Jennings & Co.

C. R. Buller

Ludwig Burchard

J. Burdock

Burmester Brothers

Obadiah Burnett

Mr. Burr


Caldeleugh & Boyd

A. E. Campbell & Co.

Jas. Campbell & Co.

C. J. Carlenova

Cazalet & Sons.

Chalmers & Guthrie

S. Clarke

Clay & Giliman

Coates & Co.

Wm. T. Coleman

H. Combanto & Co.

James Coppinger

Coulon, Hentsch & Co.

R. W. Cousens Atchison & Co.

MESSRS Coutts & Co.

Wrapper sent to Paris via the Boulogne Route 29 April 1848. Only in operation for one year and one month

Thos. Coutts & Co.

Coverly Westray

Coxhead, Goldsmid & Co.

Craddock & Co.

Crawford Colvin & Co.

Geo. Crowshaw & Co.

Cruger & Co.

Cunliffe Dobson & Co.


J. D.

Darthez Brothers

T. Davidson

Jas. Davies, New England Coffee House

Jas. Davies, North & South American Coffee House

Dawson & Arrow

Internal letter sent per Tamora
1855 Private shipped per Tamora' cover sent from London office of Dawson & Arrow to Madeira. Forwarding agents were allowed to ship letters without cost to themselves.
detail of FA catchet

De Die & Rhan

Fred De Lisle

F. De Lizardi

De Vaux

J. Denison

C. Devaux & Co.

Thos Dickason

J. Dickinson & Co.

Samuel Dobree & Sons

Donat & Co.

J. A. Droop


Dumas & Wylie

Durand & McKenzie


J. B. Elin & Co.


Fairlee Bonham & Co.

Fesser Brothers & Co.

Fesser, Uhthoff & Co.

Finlay Hodgson & Co.

Alexander Fletcher & Co.

Alan Forbes

Forbes Forbes & Co.

Fordati, Coxhead & Co.

A. G. Franklin & Co.

Fruhling & Goschen


G. & I. A. H.

Ann Gibbs & Sons

Lemuel Goddard

Goode & Lawrence

Mildred Goyeneche & Cia / Mildred Goyeneche Y Ca.

Gregson, Melville & Co. Also known Gregson, Melville, Knight

Gregson, Melville, Knight

Claes Grill

Capt. Grindlay

Grindlay, Christian & Matthews

Frederick Gruning

Charles Gumm


H. & F. C. H. Hackett Isaac Hadwen J. Hall Hall & Cavey C. J. Hambro & Son C. J. Hambro & Son Horatio Hardy Hartmann & Mallet Thos. Haviside & Co. Heath & Co. Heath Furse & Co. Heath Furse & Co. Reginald Heber Adolphe Heilbronn Henckell Du Buisson & Co. Hepke & Post J. A. Herz Hitcher, Alexander & Co. Chas. Holland Hombauld & Co. Horstman & Co. W. N. Hotchkiss James Hume Thos. Hunt F. Huth & Co. Frederick Huth & Co. Fred'k Huth & Co. Fred'k Huth & Co. Jose Ramon Iglesias Ingles Forbes Inglis Ellis & Co.


John Ive


J. E. & Co. J. R. Y. The Jerusalem Coffee House A. Jimenez & Sons , Via Southampton, Via Liverpool


James G. King & Sons Jourdain & Co. Wm. Klein Kleinwort, Cohen & Co.


Langstaff, Ehrenberg & Pollak

Laroche, Nainby & Co.

Lawrence, Engstram, Neame & Co.

J. R. Le Cointe & Co.

P. J. Le Comte & Co.

A. Le Coq

R. W. & E. Lee

Leejmal Heber

J. L. Lemme & Co.

J. Levy, Jr.

Lightly & Simon Congleton

Shipment details
Seal of Lightly & Simon

P. I. Lindgren

Lloyds Coffee House-J.B. Haywrd

Lobeck & Kreeft

J. W. Lubbock & Co.

R. W. Lyall


Richard Mackintosh & Co. Macknail Smith Maclean, Maris & Co. Manchie Y Cia Marshall & Edridge Matheson & Co. George May & Co. J. & R. McCracken Jno. McNeill & Co. Meier & Co. Melknish Sons & Co. H. Mieh John Mollet John Mollet, Doxat & Co. John Mollett J. S. Morgan & Co. J. S. Morgan & Co. Morice Shaw & Co. Morrison, Cryder & Co. C. De Murrieta & Ca


Newsant & Co. J. S. Noldwritt M. V. Notten & Co.


Oriental Bank Corporation


P. H. & O. Palden & Morton Parish & Co. Geo. Peabody & Co. M. Perchard Perchard & Brock Perchard, Brock & Le Mesurer Petute Gibbs & Partners Peyerimhoff, De Mierro & Crispen Phillips & Graves John Pickersgill & Son Pinto Perez Y Ca Polden & Lafargue Polden & Morton Portman, Hullman & Ohrly


M. J. Raikes John Rapp & Co. Rehder & Boldemann Rew & Co. J. M. Richardson Richardson Bros Ricketts & Boutcher & Co. Wm. Robens Robineau & Co. Wm. Robinson Ed. Rodd Rodocanachi Sons & Co. Rougemont Behiends Rougemont Freres Rouquette, Sillem & Co.


Sadler, Harrison & Co. Sandeman, Forster & Co. David Satow & Co. Schedel & Co. N. T. Schermers Schmidt & Karck J. H. Schroeder & Co. Schunck Mylius & Co. Schuster, Son & Co. E. M. Schwarz H. & D. Sharpe Shaw & Caffary John Shoolbred E. Sieveking & Son H. Sillem Herman Sillem Son & Co. Bruno Silva & Son L. M. Simon Lewis Simond & Co. J. L. Siordet Siordet, Meyer & Co. Smith, Chalmers & Co. Smith, Elder & Co. Smith, Elder & Co. T. W. Smith Geo. Wm. Soltaris Widow & Co H. Starr & Co. Staunton Comer & Co. Suse & Sibeth


David Taylor & Sons N. Temperley Thacker & Co. Thos. Thomarssilli J. R. Thompson & Co. Thompson & Dowser Thomson & Bonart & Co. J. C. im Thurn & Co. J. C. im Thurn & Co. Turlin Du Kiosque U. S. Despatch Agency, London John Miller, U. S. Despatch Agent B. F. Stevens United States Despatch Agent B. F. Stevens, United States Despatch Agency B. F. Stevens, United States Despatch Agent B. F. Stevens, United States Despatch Agent


United States Government Despatch Agency Unonius & Paton


Daniel Vialars


Waghorn & Co. Waghorn & Co. Overland Agents Ed. Wallerstein & Co. Walther & De Vos James Webster G. W. Wheatley & Co. E. J. Wheeler & Co. Wilder & Campbell G. Wildes & Co. Geo. Wildes & Co. S. J. Wilkinson S. W. Williams Th. Wilson & Co. Hy. Thos. Windsor D. M. Witton & Co. Wombell, Gautier & Co. Ezekiell Wright G. H. & L. F. Wulff


Zulueta & Co.