France 2011 History of the Bicycle

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 17th June 2011
  • six values in a miniature sheet
  • Design and engraving by: Pierre Albuisson
  • Printed by: Phil@Poste, Boulazac, France
  • Print process: recess and lithography
  • miniature sheet format height 105mm x width 143mm
  • Perforations: 13 x 13

History of the Bicycle (La vélocipède des origines à nos jours)
0.58€ ~ draisine (dandy-horse) created b yKarl Drais (Germany) in 1817
0.58€ ~ michaudine (pedal-bicycle) developed by Pierre Michaux, 1861
0.58€ ~ 'penny-farthing' bicycle, known in France as le grand bi
0.58€ ~ bicycle with chain of early 20th century, and detail of chain-wheel and pedals (chain-drive bicycles developed in Britain in 1880s)
0.58€ ~ modern women's 'commuting' bicycle fitted with a chain guard, and detail of foot & shoe of woman on pedal
0.58€ ~ bicycle with tyred wheels (first bicycle tyres in use in 1888): early racing competitor with bike, c1890
border depicts women racing Michaux bicycles (from old print)

  • Note: the first recorded use of the term 'vélocipède' was in 1818
miniature sheet 0.58€ x 6