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Fulda is a city (65,036 inhabitants end 2013) in Hesse, Germany; it is located on the river Fulda and is the administrative seat of the Fulda district (Kreis). In 1990, the town hosted the 30th Hessentag state festival. Historically, capital of the District of Fulda, Electorate of Hesse (Kurfürstentum Hessen). Fülda currently uses the postal codes 36001–36043.

1250 years Fulda in 1994

Briefzentrum 36

This center opened in 1998.

With slogan at FULDA in 2004.

Federal Republic of Germany

FULDA 64 with slogan in 1977.


Cover from Fulda, Germany to Tripoli Libya with a Fulda/h/64 cancel 1971

Allied Occupied Germany

FULDA b 18.3.46. 8-12 with removed stars
Kreis-Gitter-Stempel FULDA b -3.1.46. 11-12


Correctly franked registered cover from Fulda to Berlin cancelled 3.1.46 with 42 Pfennig to pay the distant letter rate of 12 Pfennig and 30 Pfennig registration fee. It has a Berlin receiving cancel 8.1.46 Berlin Wilmersdorf.

Postmarks in German Empire

Bridge in May 1921, 6-7 N.
Bridge in August 1922, 10-11 V.

Postmark in North German Confederation

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmarks by Thurn und Taxis

It used a postal code 23.

Fulda (DE) TT b.jpg