GB 2020 Penny Black 180th Anniversary

From Stamps of the World
  • Commemorates the 180th anniversary of the 1840 Penny Black and Two Penny Blue
  • Issued to promote LONDON 2020 International Stamp Exhibition was to be held between 2nd to 9th May at the BDC London N1. (See below)
  • Chairman of the London 2020 Organizing Committee, said the event will take place from February 19-26, 2022
  • Issue Date : 6th May 2020
  • Designed by : Sedley Place
  • Printed by : International Security Printers
  • Print Process : Photogravure
  • Sheet Size: 124mm x 140mm
  • Stamp Size: 20mm x 24mm
  • Perforations : 15x14
  • Gum: PVA
  • For details of the Self Adhesive Booklet issued earlier. Click on: GB 2020 London 2020 International Stamp Exhibition
  • Same 1d Black stamp was issued earlier on 6th May 2015. Details Click on: GB 2015 175th anniversary of the Penny Black

Penny Black Sheetlet

Cost £19 (76p x 25)

Penny Black FDC's