GB 2020 QUEEN - Musicians

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 9th July 2020
  • Designed by : Studio Dempsey adapted by Royal Mail Group Ltd.
  • Printed by : International Security Printers
  • Print Process : Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Format: 48 (2 panes 4 by 6). Four Values Horizontally se-tenant within the sheet (1 set per row)
  • Stamp Size: 38mm x 31mm
  • Perforations :14 x 14
  • Gum: PVA
  • Withdrawn:Usually 1 year although unpopular sets have been withdrawn earlier.
  • 1st Class = 76p

Sheet Stamps

  • Set cost £9.56p
4 x 1st
4 x £1.63p

First Day Cover

FDC LONDON cost: £12.15p

Presentation Pack

  • Note: Pack also contains Miniature Sheet.
Pack No.588 cost £16.00p

Miniature Sheet

  • Designer: Baxter Bailey and Royal Mail Group Ltd.
  • Set cost £5.54p
  • Sheet Size: 192mm x 74mm
  • Stamp sizes: Band member stamps: 35mm x 35mm; portrait band stamp 20mm x 24mm
  • Perforations: Band member stamps: 14.5mm x 14.5mm; portrait band stamp 15mm x 14mm

Miniature Sheet First Day Cover

MSFDC Cost £7.30p

Press Sheet

Press Sheet Cost £91.40p

Prestige Booklet

  • Booklet - Cost £19.10p
GB 2020 QUEEN - Musicians SAB1a.jpg

Prestige Booklet Pane FDC's

Pane 1 FDC
Pane 2 FDC
Pane 3 FDC
Pane 4 FDC

Self Adhesive Booklet

  • Booklet - Cost £4.56p