Guernsey 2016 Post & Go - Battle of Hastings

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 14th September 2016. Was available until the 14th October 2016
  • Designed by : True North
  • Printed by : Walsall Security Printers
  • Stamp Size: 25mm x 56mm
  • Print Process : Six Colour digital printing in col strips. Printed by Thermography on Royal Mail Series II Machine
  • Perforations : Die Cut 14 x 14.5
Rates Table Set Sold for £3.70p
Service Cost when Issued
Local Letter 100g 43p
UK Letter 100g 57p
Local Letter Large 100g 58p
Europe Letter 20g 64p
Rest of the World 20g 70p
UK Letter Large 100g 78p

Guernsey Flag - Envoy House Battle of Hastings

  • From Machine GG02 (at Envoy House)
GY Letter 100g
GY Large 100g
UK Letter 100g
UK Large 100g
EUR Letter 20g
ROW Letter 20g

First Day Cover

FDC - 14th September 2016 via Machine GG02