Isle of Man 2014 Tour de France - Le Grand Depart Yorkshire

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  • Le Grand Départ Yorkshire
  • Issue Date: 5th July 2014
  • Set of 6 Miniature Sheets
  • Sheet Size:
  • Stamp Designer: EJC Design
  • Withdrawn: Still on Sale
  • Stamp Design taken from 2013 Tour de France Issue: Isle of Man 2013 Tour de France - Centenary
  • Sold only as a Set of 6 and cost of £8.82. Gift Set of 6 also available for £9.50p
  • Note: Stamps now have a 2014 Imprint in the Bottom Margin

Commemorative Miniature Sheets

Values are 40p x 2
Values are 42p x 2
Values are 69p + 73p
Values are £1.08p X 2
Values are 1p = £1.19p
Values are £1.20p x 2

Le Grand Départ Special Cover

Values are 40p x 2
  • Le Grand Départ Cover Collection consisting of 6 covers posted between the 5th and 27th July sold for £30