Isle of Man 2015 Solar Eclipse

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 20th March 2015
  • Two varieties of the First Day Cover were issued - one was unsigned (with an issue of 1500 covers), the other signed by Astronaut Alan Bean, the 4th Man to walk on the moon (this cover was only available in the 2015 Isle of Man Solar Eclipse Celebration Folder issued by the Isle of Man Post Office, with an issue of 1000).
  • The cover had 3 postmarks:
  • 08:26 First contact (The moon's shadow starts becoming visible over the Sun's disc)
  • 09:32 Maximum eclipse (92.8% totality)
  • 10:39 Fourth contact (The moon stops overlapping the Sun's disc)

Special Postmarks

Postmark 1
Postmark 2
Postmark 3

Special Event Covers

First Day Cover (unsigned)