Jersey 2002 Post Boxes

From Stamps of the World
  • 150th Anniversary of the Installation of the First Letter Boxes in Britain. 1852-2002.
  • Date of Issue : 23rd November 2002
  • Designer : Colleen Corlett
  • Printed by: House of Questa, London
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Size: 10 (5 by 2)
  • Stamp size : 30mm wide x 40mm deep
  • Perforations 14.25 x 14.25
  • Withdrawn: 31st October 2003

Jersey Postal History. Letter Boxes 1852-2002

  • The first roadside letter boxes installed in the British Isles were in Jersey on the 23rd November 1852.Guernsey received a set of 3 in 1853.

23p - Victorian Pillar Box in Central Market
29p - Edward VII Wall Box, Colomberie
38p - George V Wall Box, St Clement's Inner Road
40p - George V 'boite mobile' ship box
47p - Elizabeth II pillar box, Parade
68p - Modern Pillar boxes, La Collette

Sheet Stamps


First Day Cover


Presentation Pack


Miniature Sheet

  • Miniature Sheet Size : 150mm wide x 100mm deep
  • Stamp Size : 40mm wide x 78mm deep

£2 - Posting a letter in one of the first pillar boxes in Britain at David Place, St Helier. (One of Four installed in 1852)

miniature sheet

First Day Cover

  • Note the Miniature Sheet Presentation Pack Cover was Identical to that used for the Sheet Stamps.