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The Hanseatic City of Lübeck is the second-largest city in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany, and one of the major ports of Germany. Situated on the river Trave, it was for several centuries the "capital" of the Hanseatic League ("Queen of the Hanse"). Because of its extensive Brick Gothic architecture, it is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage SiteThe old part of Lübeck is on an island enclosed by the Trave. The Elbe–Lübeck Canal connects the Trave with the Elbe River. Another important river near the town centre is the Wakenitz. The Autobahn 1 connects Lübeck with Hamburg and Denmark (Vogelfluglinie). The borough of Travemünde is a sea resort and ferry port on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Its central station links Lübeck to a number of railway lines, notably the line to Hamburg.

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Postmark Examples

Allied Occupation Postmarks

LÜBECK 1 bb date? Machine cancel
LÜBECK 1 bb 28.1.46.-19 Machine cancel
LÜBECK 1 j 15.4.46.-21
LÜBECK 1 aa 29.6.46.-8
LÜBECK 1 y 21.9.46.

German Empire Postmarks

Horseshoe cancel in 1871
Michel No. 480; postmarked at "Lübeck 1", 08-05-1933

Covers and cards

LÜBECK * 1 0 Inflation period cover, Boxed 'Gebühr bezahlt Taxe Percue handstamp signed and handwritten postage of 2000000Mk sent to Gothenburg, Sweden

Lübeck free town

2 Sch red-brown. Linear BAHNHOF. Mi3.


1/2 Sch 1859 issue on Streifband, DC LUEBECK. Sold 26,000 DM in 1985. Mi1.