Mauritius 1910 Definitives

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date: 17 January 1910
  • Designed by:
  • Printed by: De la Rue
  • Print Process: typo
  • Perforations: 14
  • Watermark: multiple crown CA
  • Catalogue N°s: SG181-195

Coat of arms and portrait of George V.

Unused stamps

1c black SG181
2c 1926 to be renamed
2c brown SG182
3c green SG183
4c yellow-green and carmine SG184
6c carmine-red SG186
6c mauve 1922 SG213
8c orange SG187
15c blue SG189

George V

5c grey and carmineSG185
12c greyish slate SG188
File:Mauritius 1910 Definitives p.jpg
25c black and red on yellow SG190
File:Mauritius 1910 Definitives q.jpg
50c purple and black SG191
File:Mauritius 1910 Definitives r.jpg
1 R black on green SG192
File:Mauritius 1910 Definitives s.jpg
2 R50 black and red on blue SG193
5 R green and red on yellow SG194
10 R green and red on green SG195

Used stamps

4 c Circle at VACOAS C in 1911.
4c Circle at MAHEBOURG A in 1914.
12c 1922?