Mittenwald (DE)

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Mittenwald is a German municipality (7,336 inhabitants end 2018) in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bavaria. Mittenwald is famous for the manufacture of violins, violas and cellos which began in the mid-17th century. It used stamps issued by the Bavaria (Bayern) State until 1920.

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Germany Bundespost

Code 82481

Bridge 8102 with Hochalpines slogan end 1965.

Allied Occupation

MITTENWALD Karwendelgeb, Sonne, Licht, Luft, Ruhe, 930-1100 meters, illustrated church, mountain and violin.
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German Empire era

Bavaria State era

Until 31 March 1920.

A post office (Expedition) opened in 1808. It used numerals 211 and 318 (second list) within a mill wheel (Mühlrad).