Monaco 1939 - 1946 Definitives - Landscapes

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 1939 to 1946
  • Designed & Engraved by : Multiple (See image descriptions for details)
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process :
  • Perforations : 13

First issued in 1939, the set was added to a further 4 times over the next seven years with new values and changes in colour, making it a 35 stamp set in total.

1939 Issues

20c Rose Lilac, The Cathedral Cheffer, Henry
25c Golden Brown, Place St. Nicholas
40c Henna Brown, Place St. Nicholas
45c Bright Red Violet, Aerial View of Monaco
50c Dark Blue Green, Palace of Monaco
60c Rose Carmine, Palace Gateway
75c Dark Green, Monaco Harbour
1fr Black, Palace of Monaco
2fr Rose Violet, Place St. Nicholas
2,50fr Red, Aerial View of Monaco
3fr Brown Red, Monaco Harbour
5fr Prussian Blue, The Cathedral
10fr Green, Aerial View of Monaco
20fr Bright Ultramarine, Palace Gateway

1940 Issues

30c Red Brown, Palace Gateway Henry Cheffer
60c dark green
2,50fr Deep Blue, Aerial View of Monaco

1941 Issues

70c Bright Red Violet, Monaco Harbour
1,30fr Brown Black, Palace of Monaco Antonin Delzers

1943 Issues

80c Dull Green, The Cathedral Henry Cheffer
1fr Claret, Aerial View of Monaco
2fr Light Ultramarine, Monaco Harbour
3fr Black, Place St. Nicholas
4,50fr Bright Violet, Palace of Monaco Antonin Delzers
5fr Deep Green, Palace Gateway Henry Cheffer
10fr Deep Blue, The Cathedral Henry Cheffer
15fr Carmine, Monaco Harbour
20fr Sepia, Aerial View of Monaco

1946 Issues

1,20fr Ultramarine, Monaco Harbour
1,50fr Ultramarine, Place St. Nicholas
2fr Green, Palace of Monaco
4fr Rose Lilac, The Cathedral
6fr Light Violet, Palace of Monaco
25fr Blue Green, Monaco Harbour