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In many countries there is still the image that all Dutch people wear clogs. At the moment however, a very small proportion of rural residents still wear clogs.

Wooden shoes
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The clog (in Dutch: KLOMP) has a long and rich history in the Netherlands. The first clogs date back to the 13th century, although at the time they were a lot simpler than the clogs we know today. In the Middle Ages, clogs were especially popular among farmers and workers because they were cheap and practical. They protected the feet against mud, water and cold. The oldest known clog in the world was found in Amsterdam and dates from 1230.

Picture Card Boys with Wooden Shoes
Meter stamp Rotterdam


Clogs are traditionally made from willow or poplar wood. The wood is sawn into blocks and then formed into clogs using hand tools or machines. The clogs are then painted or varnished.

Meter stamp Gouda
Picture Card Girls with Wooden Shoes


Clogs used to be worn by people from all walks of life. Nowadays they are mainly worn as traditional footwear, but also as a souvenir or decoration.

Dutch postage stamps with Wooden Shoes
Meter stamp Waspik

Clog factories

In the 19th century there were hundreds of clog factories in the Netherlands. The rise of rubber shoes has resulted in a sharp decline in the number of factories. Nowadays there are only a few clog factories in the Netherlands, which mainly produce tourist clogs. To this day, there are still approximately 10 clog factories in the Netherlands. Most of these factories are small and produce clogs using traditional methods.

Meter stamp Bodegraven
The largest clog in the world made from one piece of wood in Enter in Overijssel
Variety of Wooden Shoes with flowers
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Toon Oomens
Terneuzen, the Netherlands, March 2024.

Variety of Wooden Shoes
Variety of Wooden Shoes


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