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Surprise Stamps


In 1998 Surprise Stamps were issued by the Dutch PTTpost. A two-sided printed sheet with 2x5 "blank" stamps and 20 different stickers.

Presentation Package

The sheet "Creative with stamps" offers the possibility to do something personal with your mail. The 5 "blank" stamps have a brightly colored frame with the text "Nederland 80 ct Postzegel". Inside a white surface on which a sticker can be stuck.

10 out of 20 different stickers

There is a sticker for every occasion. There are 20 different stickers available that offer more than enough possibilities to make a suitable stamp. For example, the stamp is suitable for birth, graduation, birthday, moving, and so on. Or a stamp that suits the addressee: cows, flowers, windmills and the like.

The stamps were designed by studio Gonnissen en Widdershoven in Amsterdam. The printing in Offset was provided by Joh Enschedé Security Printers BV in Haarlem. The circulation was 3.2 million sheets. Colors used were yellow, magenta, cyan and black. Both the stamps and the stickers were self-adhesive.

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Thank you for your visit. Author: Toon Oomens (Terneuzen, the Netherlands)