One Page. The VULCANUS Cancellation Machine in 1901

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The "Vulcanus" brandstempel-machine

The ideal cancellations


On August 5th 1901 in The Hague a test began with the cancellation machine build and manufactured by engineer C.C. van der Valk. The stamp was heated over a petroleum flame after which the mail items were

Picture of the Vulcanus Machine at Van der Valk Company

As a result, the stamp impression was seared into the paper. In the case of postcards this was reasonable, in the case of letters it often happened that, in addition to the stamp, the envelope and the contents were scorched. It has also happened several times that the mail item caught fire. The experiment took only 3 months. It was discontinued on November 2nd 1901.


Letter from 's-Gravenhage to London
Letter Card to The Hague
Letter Card to Leiden


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