Penny Black PH

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Plate 1a - base lines b and c are complete.
Plate 1b - both b and c showing weakness
Plate 3 - NW flaw and b extends. P is small
Plate 4 - H is tilted to the West
Plate 5 - H is doubled
Plate 6 - faint Horizontal guideline through value
Plate 7
Plate 8 - Faint Vertical guideline in the NE square both P and H are tilted to the West
Plate 9 - Shows the plate constant 'O'-Flaw and white mark in diagonal of NE star. H is high.
Plate 10 - c line is weak 'O'Flaw. H is low.
File:PennyBlack PH PL11.jpg
Plate 11 - H is deformed