Russia 2008 Oblasts of the Russian Federation

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 17th January 2009
  • three values
  • Designed by: V Beltyukov
  • Printed by: Goznak Printers
  • Print process: offset lithography
  • stamp format height 28mm x width 40mm
  • Perforations: 11.75 x 12

Oblasts of the Russian Federation, 14th issue

Sheet stamps

9.00r ~ Chelyabinsk Oblast
9.00r ~ Saratov Oblast
9.00r ~ Voronezh Oblast



Chelyabinsk region is a part of Ural federal district. It was formed on January, 17th, 1934. Panorama of Magnitogorsk metallurgical complex n.a. Lenin; lattice ironwork, personifying art of Kaslinsky art moulding; tractor model (manufacture of Chelyabinsk tractor factory
Saratov region is a part of Privolzhsk federal district. It was formed on December, 5th, 1936 by transformation of Saratov Territory. The administrative centre of the region is Saratov city. Stamp represents: bridge of Saratov - automobile bridge over the river Volga, connecting right bank of the river, where Saratov is situated, and the left coast, where Engels city is located. It was constructed in 1965, its length reaches 2803,7 metres; trolley bus model (manufacture of Joint-Stock Company "TrolZa" factory
Voronezh region is part of the Central federal district. It was formed on June, 13th, 1934. Stamp represents: the Ramonsky castle - castle of the princess Oldenburg, ; natural historical archaeological reserve Divnogorye; IL-96, manufactured by Voronezh aviation factory