Sierra Leone 1965 Cola, Coat of Arms, Diamond Necklace

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 17th December 1963
  • ten values
  • Printed by: Walsall Lithographic Co.
  • Print process: lithography and metallic foil die-stamping

Self-adhesive stamp issue. Stamps sold singly

  • stamps in freeform or straight-edged pentagonal form
  • stamps have attached tabs for removal from backing paper
  • stamps have on reverse illustrated advertisements
five values
three values (one AIRMAIL) with advertisements on reverse
15c AIRMAIL, and 15c reverse of stamp with Winston advert

Self-adhesive stamp issue. Stamp sold in sheets

  • sheets of 25, separately spaced with no surround, single large advertisement on reverse of whole sheet
7c Airmail