Syria 1930 Pictorials

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Original Issue

10c red violet
View of Hama
10c violet brown
View of Hama
Issued: 1933
10c violet brown, redrawn
View of Hama
Arabic inscriptions have lighter lines; hyphen added to imprint
Issued: 1935
20c dark blue
Great Mosque, Aleppo
20c brown orange
Great Mosque, Aleppo
Issued: 1933
25c gray green
Minaret, Hama
25c dark blue gray
Minaret, Hama
Issued: 1933
50c violet
View of Alexandretta
75c orange red
Mosque at Homs
Issued: 1932
1p bister brown
Citadel of Aleppo
Issued: 1936
1.50p bister brown
Great Mosque of Damascus
1.50p deep green
Great Mosque of Damascus
Issued: 1933
2p dark violet
View of Antioch
3p yellow green
Ruins of Bosra
4p yellow orange
Square at Damascus
4.50p rose carmine
Mosque at Homs
6p greenish black
View of Sednaya
7.50p dull blue
Citadel at Aleppo
10p dark brown
Ancient Bridge at Antioch
15p deep green
Mosque at Hama
50p olive brown
Sun Temple, Palmyra
100p red orange
Mosque at Damascus

Overprinted in Red or Black

Industrial Exhibition, Damascus, May 1936

  • Issue Date: 15 April 1936
  • Overprint: in French and Arabic, 1936; FOIRE DE DAMAS
50c violet (red)
1p bister brown (black)
2p dark violet (red)
3p yellow green (black)
4p yellow orange (black)
4.50p rose carmine (black)
6p greenish black (red)
7.50p dull blue (red)
10p dark brown (black)

Surcharged in Black

  • Issue Date: 1937-1938
  • Perforation: 13½x13
  • Surcharge: double bars, value
2.50p on 4p yellow orange
Issued: 1938
10p on 100p red orange

Surcharged in Red or Black

  • Issue Date: 1938

Perforation: 13½ Surcharge: triple bars, value

25c on 75c orange red (black)
50c on 1.50p deep green (red)
2p on 7.50p dull blue (red)
5p on 7.50p dull blue (red)
10p on 50p olive brown (black)

Military Stamp

Surcharged in black

  • Issue Date: 1942
  • Surcharge: triple bars, two Lorraine crosses, FORCES FRANCAISES LIBRES; LEVANT, value
50c on 4p yellow orange


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