Turkey 1960 Manisa Fair and Sufi Physician Merkez Muslihittin

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  • Issue date: 17th April 1960
  • four values with charitable premium
  • Design:
  • Printed by: Güzel Sanatlar, Ankara
  • stamp format height 26mm x width 41mm, or height 41mm x width 26mm (90+5k) or height 45mm x width 35mm (105+10k)
  • Perforations: 13 x 13, or 13.25 x 13.25 (105+10k)

Manisa (western Epirus City) and The Manisa Fair

40 + 5k ~ the hospital (darüşşifa) / hospice (16th century) which specialised handling mental health problems
40 + 5k ~ as first design, but coloured deep green and pale blue-green
90 + 5k ~ the 16th century Sultan Mosque, was built to honour Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, Süleyman the Magnificent's mother
105 + 10k ~ Merkez Muslihíttín Efendi, c1460-1552, Sufi physician

  • Issue is linked to the annual Manisa Fair (held in March) which was started in honour of and features Mesir Paste (Turkish: Mesir Macunu), a paste taken orally, developed by Merkez Efendi, to which is attributed many health and well-being benefits

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