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Ulm is a city (126,790 inhabitants end 2019) in the federal German state of Baden-Württemberg, situated on the River Danube. Ulm, founded around 850, is rich in history and traditions as a former Free Imperial CityToday, it is an economic centre due to its varied industries, and it is the seat of the University of Ulm. Internationally, Ulm is primarily known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world (161.53 m or 529.95 feet); the Gothic minsterand as the birthplace of Albert Einstein. Historically in the Kingdom of Württemberg.

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Postmarks in Germany

In 1993 when the Postcodes where being changed from 4 digit to five digit codes, city officials in Ulm were upset because their new code was to begin with the number 8. Their current code had begun with a 7 as had other towns in Baden-Württenburg. The number 8 was associated with postcodes of Bavaria. Their city leaders claimed Ulm was already suffering from an identity problem and the new code would only make their identity more obtuse.

Postal codes codes 89073–89081

Ulm (Donau) symbol in 1962.

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 1955
Meter cancel ULM-1, 1964.
Meter cancel 1996
Meter cancel 1999
Meter cancel ULM, 2004.
Meter cancel ULM, 2008.

Allied Occupied Germany

ULM (DONAU) 2 b 27.4.46.-17
ULM (DONAU) 2 b 3.1.46.-17
ULM (Donau) 2 23.1.46. Red Gebühr bezahlt


ULM (DONAU) 2 b 27.4.46.-17 to Upsala Sweden, censored
ULM (DONAU) 2 b 3.1.46.-17 to Ellwangen, censored with serrated closing

Postmarks in the Empire of Germany

After 31 March 1920.

Michel No. 151, circle at "Ulm", 18-01-1922

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Württemberg

DC in 1857.
Decorated DC in 1859, hours 10-3.
Decorated DC in 1860, hours 3-6.
DC on 1863 issue, hours 6N8
Early bridge on a 1869 issue.


Blue DC (twice) on 22 April 1852.

Postal cards

In 1888.