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Worms is a town (82,102 inhabitants end 2015) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, on the Rhine River. Established by the Celts, who called it Borbetomagus, Worms today remains embattled with the cities Trier and Cologne over the title of "Oldest City in Germany." Worms is the only German member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network. Worms is one of the major sites where the early-medieval events reflected in the Nibelungenlied took place. A multimedia Nibelungenmuseum was opened in 2001, and a yearly festival right in front of the Dom, the Cathedral of Worms, attempts to recapture the atmosphere of the pre-Christian period.

Postmarks in Germany


Postmarks in German Empire (1872-1945)

T&T type circle with expedition in February 1872
Circle with expedition in March 1872
Circle with expedition in 1873
Circle 1874
WORMS C in 1891

Postmarks in North German Confederation (1868-1871)

WORMS in 1869


File:Worms (DE) NPB cover b.jpg
WORMS on a 24 kr cover to France in 1871

Postmarks in Prussia (July- December 1867)

Postmarks of Thurn and Taxis

WORMS, capital of Rheinhessen district, used a Postal code 163.

4 Rings on the 1859 issue.


DC on 3 & 1 kr in 1853 (Mi8&7) to Offenbach. Sold 300 SF in 1998.