Alsace and Lorraine 1870 German Occupation

From Stamps of the World
  • Date of Issue : 10 September 1870
  • Design :
  • Printer : State print, Berlin
  • Printing: Typo in 2 passes
  • Perforations : 13,75x14,25
  • Catalogue N°s: Yvert France Alsace-Lorraine 1-7, Michel Elsass-Lothringen 1-7.

The underground network (burelage) is oriented top or bottom.

Unused stamps

The bottom oriented Netzunterdruck has been reprinted in 1885.

5c bottom Mi4II
25c bottom Mi7II

Used stamps

2 c (pair) circle at SELZ in May 1871. Mi2Ia.
10c black frame at LUTZENBOURG. Mi5.
10 c with Horseshoe at MÜHLHAUSEN i.ELS in December 1871. Mi5Ic.
25c red frame at VENDENHEIM. Mi7Ib.