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Barneveld is a town and a municipality in the province of Gelderland in the center of the Netherlands. It is known for its poultry industry and large Protestant community. The municipality had a population of 54,356 in 2014, the town itself had a population of 29,756 in 2010.

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Postmark Examples

Coded Postal Obliterator nr 172 (= Barneveld). c.1876. Stampset Stampset.png
Coded Postal Obliterator nr 172 (= Barneveld). c.1891. Stampset Stampset.png
Barneveld 1980
Postmark TNT post, from office Bellstraat in Barneveld, 15 April 2011.

Meter cancels

Meter cancel Barneveld, 1980.
Meter cancel Barneveld, 1983.
Meter cancel Barneveld, 1985.
Meter cancel Barneveld, 1995.
Meter cancel Barneveld, 1997.