Chile 1853 - 1861 Columbus Definitive Proofs

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 1853-1861
  • Engraved by : Jeens, Charles Henry
  • Printed by : Could be London or Santiago Printing*
  • Print Process : Intaglio
  • Perforations : Imperforate

Proofs in Black

Proof in Black 1c
Proof in Black 5c
Proof in Black 10c
Proof in Black 20c

Proofs in Orange Red

Proof in Orange Red 1c
Proof in Orange Red 5c
Proof in Orange Red 10c
Proof in Orange Red 20c

Proofs of the 20c in various inks colours

Proof in Orange Red 20c
Proof in Blue 20c
Proof in Brown 20c
Proof in Brown Red 20c marginal
Proof in Brown Red corner marginal 10c
Proof in Dull Blue 20c