Dinslaken (DE)

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Dinslaken is a town (67,525 inhabitants end 2018) in the district of Wesel, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is known for its harness racing track, its now closed coal mine in Lohberg and its wealthy neighborhoods Hiesfeld and Eppinghoven. Dinslaken consists of 7 subdivisions

  • Eppinghoven
  • Hiesfeld
  • Innenstadt
  • Lohberg
  • Oberlohberg
  • Bruch
  • Averbruch
  • Hagenbezirk

Postmarks in Germany

Postal codes 46535, 46537, 46539

Allied Occupation

To be confirmed

Postmarks in German Empire

Bridge in 1914.


1934 cover to Troisdorf (DE) Stampset.png

Postmarks in North German Confederation (1868-1871)

Postmarks in Prussia Rhineland province

DINSLAKEN used a code 324, Kreis Duisburg, district of Düsseldorf.