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Groningen is the main municipality as well as the capital city of the eponymous province in the Netherlands. With a population of 198,108 (in 2014), it is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands. An old city, Groningen was the regional power of the northern Netherlands, a semi-independent city-state and member of the German Hanseatic League. Groningen is a university city: the University of Groningen (about 28,000 students) and Hanze University of Applied Sciences (about 25,000 students).

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Postmark Examples

Postmark GRONINGEN on Netherlands First emission, 1857. See also Stampset at Stampset.png
Postmark GRONINGEN on Netherlands Second emission, 1869. See also Stampset at Stampset.png
GRONINGEN, 17 JAN 1914, Postage Stamp from Jubilee emission of 1913. See StampSet at Stampset.png

Slogan cancels

GRONINGEN Slogan cancel 1982, "Prettige feestdagen" (Happy holidays)
GRONINGEN Slogan cancel 1953, "Leave 4 cm free for the post office at the top of the letter"

Meter cancels

This one has been published in a historical review on meter cancels at
Meter cancel Groningen, 1943.
Meter cancel 1957
Meter cancel Groningen, 1984.
Meter cancel Groningen, 1987.
Meter cancel Groningen, 1988.
Meter cancel Groningen, 1989.
Meter cancel Groningen, 1996.
Meter cancel Groningen, 2007.

Cards and Covers

First stamped Letter card of the Netherlands, model 1871, privately overprinted with "Binnenlandsche Vaart - Risico-Societeit" (a company name), sent by train from Hoogeveen to Amsterdam. The card was offered at Hoogeveen Station to the post office in the train on the traject Groningen/Meppel on 24 OCT 1872. The Hoogeveen postmark is a typical train cancel. Also the cancel with "Meppel-Gron." has been set at the train office. The card arrived in Amsterdam on 25 OCT 1872. Note: the mark B3 is from the postman who delivered the card at the destination. Collection of Jan Boon.
Stamped letter card, model of 1881, sent 24 (?) March 1898 from Beerta to Groningen (arrival stamp 25 March 1898). E13 is postman stamp. (Courtesy of Jan Boon)