Hungary 1874-1881 Newspaper

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Dates: 1 October 1874 & 5 April 1881
  • Design: based on the 1874 definitive issue
  • Print Process: Typo
  • Perforations: none
  • Watermark: kr in ellipsen 1881 issue

A simple design with 1 for 1 Krajcsár.


1874 issue

Circle at SZEPES VÁRALLYA (Slovakia).

1881 issue with kr watermark

Hungarian HIRLAP-KIADẤS for Journal Delivery. Many shades.


Unused. Red-orange. Mi26


Bilingual used at Zagreb (HR) (Croatia). Yellow-orange.
Used at Tereske (HU) in Hungary in 1886.
Used T Satu Mare (RO) in Romania. Reddish-orange.