Landshut (DE)

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Landshut is a town (66,179 inhabitants end 2013) in Lower Bavaria in the south-east of Germany, situated on the banks of the River Isar. Landshut is the capital of Lower Bavaria, one of the seven administrative regions of the Free State of Bavaria. It is also the seat of the surrounding district.

It used stamps issued by the Bavaria (Bayern) State until 1920.

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Germany era

Allied Occupied Germany

On 11.9.45

Bavaria State era

Until 31 March 1920.

A Royal post office (k.b. Postamt) opened in 1808. It used numerals 175 and 269 (after 1857) within a mill wheel (Mühlrad).

Open wheel 269 in 1857ca.
Open wheel 269 in 1862ca.
5 Jan 1916 LANDSHUT N.BY. 1
DC LANDSHUT Prinzregent Luitpold in 1913 (perforated E).
LANDSHUT (Nby)1 Prinzregent Luitpold in 1914.
LANDSHUT (Nby)1 in 1914ca. King Ludwig III.
Bridge on 26 December 1918.