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This page looks at both postmarks developed from 1901 to 1952 during the reign of the 4 Kings, KEdVII, KGV, KEdVIII and KGVI, but as always there is a crossover of postal marking and those that were developed during the reign of QV can be seen during this period so are also included in both pages sometimes.

Postal Markings developed during QV issue Era, on 4 Kings Postal items

See Page 1 for related postal markings of QV Era

Paddington also had its own Postal Railway line that ran much the same as an underground below London, distributing mail to other districts and sorting offices in the Capital. Work began after discussions in 1915. With parcels and letters being carried on it from 1917/18.The line ran from Paddington Head District Sorting Office in the west to the Eastern Head District Sorting Office at Whitechapel in the east, a distance of 6.5 miles (10.5 km). It had eight stations, the largest of which was underneath Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant would later become the main sorting depot for London in the later half of the 1900's), but by 2003 only three stations remained in use because the sorting offices above the other stations had been relocated. The electrified railway system was mothballed in 2003 and has since become a museum under the auspices of the British Postal Museum & Archive.

Postcard "A Bird in the hand, is worth Two in the Bush" used at Paddington in 1903
Reverse of Postcard "A Bird in the hand...." used at Paddington in 1903 with Paddington W 109 double ring type

Double Arc Circle

PADDINGTON W 110 cancel used in 1914
PADDINGTON W 88 Double circle transit mark sent from Maida Hill 3 in 1907 redirected as not "Not Known At" and sent to St John's Wood
Mixed franking of KEdVII and KGV paying the 3½d rate with a PADDINGTON W 79 Double circle transit mark sent from Brighton in 1911 to Bayswater, redirected to Bruges, Belgium, showing postman 7 route on delivery.
PADDINGTON W code 89 Double Arc sent on cover to Brighton KEdVII 1d red paying the postage in 1903
PADDINGTON W 1 Double Circle on cover sent to Michigan USA in 1936 via Air Mail
PADDINGTON W 88 cancel on ½d QV post card uprated with KEdVII halfpenny sent to Paris, France in 1902

Single Ring Circle

PADDINGTON W 9 coded single ring receiver on reply paid card sent back from Scheessel, Germany in 1906

Registered Postmarks

PADDINGTON SPRING ST W 2 on Registered labelled cover to New York 1945

Parcel Post Postmarks

1909 KEdVII parcel Post cancelled Paddington Spring St B.O. W
File:London Paddington W (GB) PP .jpg
PADDINGTON PARCEL OFFICE Foreign & Colonial Parcel Post part cover sent to Germany 1922 with a half crown 2/6 Seahorse and a 3d purple KGV paying the postage.

Rubber Handstamps

London Paddington W (GB) PP c.jpg
Paddington DO 13 W2 District Office cancel

Meter Cancels

PADDINGTON W 2 code A meter cancel used in 1937 on Tuck postcard with Coronation 1½d sent to Berlin
PADDINGTON W 21 Meter cancel on EdVII postcard 1905
PADDINGTON W Continuous Meter cancel of Dec 1909
PADDINGTON W Meter cancel of 1909

Slogan Postmarks

PADDINGTON W 2 code A EMPIRE EXHIBITION GLASGOW 1938 slogan cancel, on cover to Hannover, Germany with a 2½d KGVI.
PADDINGTON W 2 code A TELEPHONE SAVES TIME AND MONEY slogan cancel. Sent on cover to Suhl, Germany in 1932

Paddington Station

Branch Office & Railway Office

Paddington Station B.O. W2 cancel on London type 8d GB International Reply Coupon
PADDINGTON W 2 code A sent in 1923 with a 1½d KGV stamp paying postage and an additional 4d Great Western stamp paying the Railway carriage fee.
PADDINGTON W 2 code A POST EARLY IN THE DAY slogan cancel. Sent in 1940 with 1d + ½d KGVI stamps paying postage and an additional 3d Great Western Prepaid Newspaper Parcel stamp paying the Railway carriage fee.