Manage (BE)

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Manage is a Walloon municipality (23,122 inhabitants end 2017) located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. The municipality consists of the following sub-municipalities: Manage proper, Bellecourt, Bois-d'Haine, Fayt-lez-Manage, and La Hestre.

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Postal code: 7170

Postal history before 1910

The MANAGE post office opened on 1 December 1850. It used a postal code 107 with bars (before 1864), and 234 with points before 1874. LA HESTRE on 20 Janvier 1879, FAYT-LEZ-SENEFFE on 8 December 1881. BELLECOURT relay in 1909.

Postmarks after 1950

Baudouin period (1950-1993)

Railway frame in 1951.
Bridge in 1984

Postmarks before 1950

Leopold III period



Circle in July 1934.

Albert I period

Circle in 1921.

Leopold II period

Leopold I period