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Margate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in Kent, England. It lies 38.1 miles (61.3 km) east-north-east of Maidstone, on the coast along the North Foreland and contains the areas of Cliftonville, Garlinge, Palm Bay and Westbrook. Margate was recorded as "Meregate" in 1264 and as "Margate" in 1299, but the spelling continued to vary into modern times. The name is thought to refer to a pool gate or gap in a cliff where pools of water are found, often allowing swimmers to jump in. The cliffs of the Isle of Thanet are composed of chalk, a fossil-bearing rock. The town's history is tied closely to the sea and it has a proud maritime tradition. Margate was a "limb" of Dover in the ancient confederation of the Cinque ports. It was added to the confederation in the 15th century. Margate has been a leading seaside resort for at least 250 years. Like its neighbour Ramsgate, it has been a traditional holiday destination for Londoners drawn to its sandy beaches. Margate had a Victorian pier which was largely destroyed by a storm in 1978.


Pre-stamp to 1899 1900-1999 2000-Present
Post Town by 1770

Money Order Office 1 October 1792
Numeral 506 allocated 1844
Savings Bank 18 November 1861
Telegraph Office 1870. Code used ME

No changes recorded Branch Office closed 18 March 2015

Became a Main Office, relocated in WH Smith, 19 March 2015

MARGATE 76 - dated 22 December 1826. Mileage mark showing miles to London
Plate25 QL, MARGATE 506 Sideways Duplex JY 31,1856

Sub Offices


Pre-stamp to 1899 1900-1999 2000-Present
Post Office under Margate, Money Order Office

& Savings Bank 1 October 1889
Telegraph Office 13 May 1890. Code use MCV
Changed from TSO to BO 1 August 1893

Changed from BO to

Franchise Post Office 20 March 1995

no further change currently
CLIFTONVILLE MARGATE KENT office cancel on International Reply Coupon

Holly Lane

Pre-stamp to 1899 1900-1999 2000-Present
No office Post Office 1936.

Noted in the Post Office Circular 5 August 1936

Changed to a Main Post Office 1 July 2014
HOLLY LANE Post office counter stamp 2012.