Netherlands 1871 Letter Card - Dutch Lion National Symbol

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue: January 1, 1871. The first Letter Card in the Netherlands.
  • Type: Letter card with denomination 2,50 cents
  • Printing color: Lilac (both Symbol and ornaments)
  • Lay-out: 3 lines for adress, extensive "NOTA" at the bottom.
  • Design: .......
  • Size: width 122 mm, height 87 mm
  • Paper: "Creamy"

Vlissingen (English: Flushing), the Netherlands, 1 JAN 1871. First Dutch Letter card, issued 1 jan 1871, canceled here on the first day of issue. Collection of Jan Boon.
Letter card from 1st emission, sent from 's-Gravenhage to Haarlem, November 1871.
Letter card from 1st emission, sent from Almelo to Amsterdam, August 1872. Arrival mark of Amsterdam.