Saarlouis (DE)

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Saarlouis is a town (34,364 inhabitants end 2013) in Saarland, seat of the district of Saarlouis. Saarlouis is located at the river Saar. It was built as a fortress in 1680 and named after Louis XIV of France. From 1936 till 1945, Saarlouis name was germanized as Saarlautern.

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Postmarks in Germany

Postmarks in Sarre

From 1920 to 1935, and again from 1947 to 1959, use of postage stamps issued specially for the SARRE territory.

Postmarks in German Empire

Postmarks in North German Confederation

Before end 1871.

DC Prussian type Nachverwendete in 1868.

Postmarks in Prussian Rhineland province

Kreis SAARLOUIS used a Postal code 1287, District of Trier.