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Does someone with permissions want to change "compliments" to "complements" on the bit about postmarks.

Done.... I blame Admin or should that be Admen?!

Trinidad & Tobago problem


Trinidad and Tobago appears under "T". No stamps were shown, so I scanned and uploaded a set. Then I found a page called Trinidad & Tobago (with the & sign instead of "and") - which already has the set I uploaded, and more besides. This country ("&" Tobago) doesn't appear under T. Can someone with the permissions and know-how make "&" appear as a country under "T" and I guess delete "and".

We will have to look into this further as the correct country name is 'and' the issue seems to have arose as some of the stamps have had '&' incorporated into the design. So when the sets have been uploaded the creator has used what they could initially see. However according to the ISO Country codes and authorities it is Trinidad and Tobago. In the meantime any further amendments should be made to the 'and' section by adding pages, we will then try and resolve the '&'. Ian G

These pages have now had the correct category of Trinidad and Tobago added to them and they now appear in the country list. We will need to look into the ones with the & headings. In the meantime please categorise and title pages with the 'AND' option. The user who created these pages doesn't seem to be active now so no further &'s should be created. Ian G

All done and resolved! ..... but we still have other & countries to sort, which we will.


This generates the following error:

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Rie (talk) 05:28, 17 August 2016 (CDT)

Image total

The image total is misleading since there are 5,264 images that are not included on any pages. Most of them appear to be duplicates.