Velbert (DE)

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Velbert is a town (80,572 inhabitants end 2014) in the district of Mettmann, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The city is renowned for the production of locks and fittings. On 1 January 1975, the formerly independent Velbert, Neviges and Langenberg were merged to form the present city of Velbert. Historically, in the Rhineland province of Prussia, Kreis Mettmann, District of Düsseldorf.

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Postmarks in Germany

Postmarks in German Empire

Velbert (DE) DRRH b.jpg
Bridge VELBERT (RL) in 1922


In November 1923 hyperinflation.

Postmarks in North German Confederation

Postmarks in Prussia Rheinland province

VELBERT used a Postal code 1542, LANGENBERG 796, NEVIGES 1044.

DC VELBERT on 1861 issue. Note the inverted 11.