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Barmen is a former industrial metropolis of the region of Bergisches Land, Germany, which merged with four other towns in 1929 to form the city of Wuppertal. Barmen, together with the neighbouring town of Elberfeld founded the first electric suspended monorail tramway system, the Schwebebahn floating tram. Barmen was a pioneering centre for both the early industrial revolution on the European mainland, and for the socialist movement and its theory. It was the location of one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany, KZ Wuppertal-Barmen, later better known as Kemna concentration camp. Oberbarmen (Upper Barmen) is the eastern part of Barmen, and Unterbarmen (Lower Barmen) the western part.

Postmark Examples


Meter cancels

Meter cancel Wuppertal-Barmen 1950
Meter cancel Wuppertal-Barmen 1952
Wuppertal-BARMEN Meter cancel 1958
BARMEN Meter cancel 1962
Meter cancel Wuppertal-Barmen 1962
Meter cancel Wuppertal-Barmen 1967

Allied Occupied Germany

WUPPERTAL-BARMEN 1 (nn) 25.2.46.-7

Meter Postmarks


Postmarks in German Empire

Bridge at BARMEN, 23-07-1894
Bridge at BARMEN WUPPERFELD b on 25 May 1901.

Railway postmarks

From Rittershausen to Radevormwald in 1921.

Postmarks in North German Confederation


Prussian type R3 frame. Mi15


From BARMEN (DC cancel) to Constantinopel on 26 August 1868, with 3 groschen, first issue. Sold 520 SF in 2000.

Postmarks in Prussia Rheinland province

BARMEN Kreis used a Postal code 70, district of Düsseldorf. Sub-offices: BAHNHOF, RITTERSHAUSEN, UNTERBARMEN, WICHLINGHAUSEN and WUPPERFELD (3 lines frames).

DC BARMEN in 1866.


Cover from Barmen to Constantinopel with 5 Sgr in railway DÜSSELDORF-SOEST in 1867. Sold 1,000 SF in 2000.