Bavaria 1862 Numerals

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  • Issue Dates : 1 October 1862 to 1867
  • Designed by : M.J. Seitz
  • Printed by : Munich University print J.G. Weiss
  • Print Process : Typo on paper with red silk wire
  • Perforations : none

Valid until end 1869.

Last Quadratausgabe issue, the colours are modified to harmonize with Prussia (3 kr red for 1 Silbergroschen etc).

Unused stamps

18 kr red Mi13a
18 kr pale red Mi13b


A 13.5 mm space in the central part of the impression page, made of twice 45 stamps (Schalterbögen).

12 kr yellow-green Mi12ZW

Used stamps

1 kr, open mill wheel 704 at Bodenwöhr Mi8
1 kr orange-yellow, red Chargé at MÜNCHEN
3 kr carmine, closed mill wheel 356 at Nuremberg (DE), Mi9b
3 kr deep shade, open mill wheel 32 at Bamberg (DE), Mi9b
3 kr POSTABLAGE (of KEMPTEN) at Waltenhofen
3kr open mill wheel 777 at Gmund am Tegernsee (DE)
6 kr blue, plate 1, closed mill wheel 545 at Vilshofen Mi 10 SEM I
6 kr blue, plate 1, open mill wheel B.P. = Bahnpost Mi10 SEM I
6 kr blue, plate 2 end 1863, open mill wheel 417 at Regen Mi10 SEM IIa
Red München Chargé. Mi10
9 kr brown, open mill wheel 269 at Landshut (DE) Mi11
9 kr brown, open mill wheel 605 Mi11
12 kr green, Halbreis (segment) at Schwarzenbach type SEM 12a Mi12