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Essen is a large city (569,884 inhabitants end 2013) in the central part of the Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia, located on the River Ruhr. Historically, a Kreis in the Rhineland province of Prussia. Currently divided in 9 districts, with boroughs incorporated in the 1901-1975 period.

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Postmarks in Germany

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 1938
Meter cancel 1961
Meter cancel 1968
Meter cancel 1995
City festival Essen "Original '98" 14-16 Aug 1998 - Rock Pop Classic Jazz Dance Comedy Literature, 24 Jul 1998
City festival Essen "Original" 1-3 Sep 2000 - Rock Pop Jazz Comedy Literature Classic Dance, 19 Jul 2000

Unified Germany Postmarks

Postal Code 45127

Germany-West 1990 750th Anniv of Granting Fair Privileges to Frankfurt 021590ua.jpg

Postal Code 45329

Essen (DE) e12.jpg
Essen (DE) e12b.jpg

Postal Code 4300

Essen-1-oh, 1983
Essen-1-101, 1986

Allied Occupied Germany

Slogan Postmarks

Essen 1 ll 3.3.46 Nur genauen Anschriften sichern gute Überkunst
Essen 1 (ll) 4.4.46 Nur genauen Anschriften sichern gute Überkunst

Serienstempel, Maschinenstempel mit Werbeeinsatz


Cover to Turkey, sold 200 SF in 2000.

Postmarks in German Empire

Bridges in 1912


Bergeborbeck is a northern borough of the city, with a population of around 4,400. It was incorporated in 1915.

R3 type frame on a 1880 issue.


Incorporated in 1929.

Bridge at KATERNBERG in 1928.


Incorporated in 1929, now in Essen VII.

DC STEELE in 1873.
Bridge STEELE in 1921.

Postmarks in North German Confederation

Postmarks in Prussia Rhineland province

Kreis ESSEN used a Postal code 396, District Düsseldorf. The BERGE-BORBECK post office used a code 157, Kreis Essen.

396 on Prussia first issue (1850).