Gorinchem (NL)

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Gorinchem, also called Gorkum/Gorcum, is a city and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality covers an area of 21.93 km2 (8.47 sq mi) of which 3.01 km2 (1.16 sq mi) is water. It had a population of 35,252 in 2014.

Gorinchem was allocated the 41 numeral cancel.

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Postmark Examples

Coded Postal Obliterator 41 (= Gorinchem). c.1872. Stampset Stampset.png
Coded Postal Obliterator 41 (= Gorinchem). c.1891. Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark Gorinchem 1895. Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark Gorinchem 1991

Business Points

Postmark Gorinchem 2009, from Business Point Papland
Postmark Gorinchem 2012, from Business Point Piazza Center

Cards and Covers

Stamped Letter card, model 1871, sent from Loenen (dispatch 6 SEP 1873 plus postal obliterator nr.70) to Gorinchem/Gorcum with receiving stamp 6 SEP 1873. From collection of Jan Boon. Extra info on the first Dutch letter cards from 1871. On january 1, 1871, two types of letter cards were introduced in the Netherlands. One with a pre-paid stamp of 2.5 cents, meant for inland use. Another one with no value indication, meant for post to foreign countries. Both forms had an extensive footnote ("NOTA") on how to use the card. Later versions: In 1872/1874 the same letter cards were issued without the footnote. The above card is with real postage stamp (for inland use though), an example of a pre-paid card can be seen at DRUTEN or EE.

Meter cancels