Hungary 1900 New Currency - Turul and King Francis

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  • Issue Date: 1900 January 1
  • Designed by: Johann Böhm (Turul), Edmund Tulli
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography
  • Perforations: 12:11² mainly, also 11²
  • Watermark: Crown of St. Stephen (Michel Wz.3).
  • Catalogue N°s Michel 54A to 70A, 72 (6 f issued in 1901), 73 (12 f issued in 1903)

Used stamps

Fillér currency

1f grey Antiqua in Serbia in 1900 Mi54A
2f olive-yellow circle in Hungary in 1900. Mi55A
2f olive-yellow circle in Romania in 1912.
3f orange
4f violet Hungarian bridge with crown in 1900.
5f green Antiqua in 1900 in Serbia. Mi58
5f pale green pair used in 1901 in Romania.
5f bridge in 1900 in Hungary.
6f brown in 1900 in Croatia. Mi59A.
10f circle in 1900 in Croatia. Mi60A
10f circle in 1900 in Romania.
10f carmine-rose used in 1901 in Romania.
10f bridge in 1901 in Serbia. Mi60A
25f blue used in Croatia (?).
25f blue circle at Jaszarokszallasin Hungary in 1900. Mi62.
30f deep orange bridge at CZIBAKHÁZA in Hungary in 1900. Mi63A.
30f bridge at SOPRON in Hungary in 1901. Mi63A.
50f lilac-carmine circle in 1900 in Slovakia.
50f bridge in 1902 in Romania.
60f Mi66

1901-1903 issues

6f olive issue 1901 used in 1904. Mi72
12f violet 1903 issue. Mi73
20f brown used in 1901 in Romania. Mi61A
35f used in 1904 in Croatia. Mi64A

Korona (100 fillér) currency

1 korona brown-red circle in 1901 in Hungary. Mi67
2 K grey-blue issued in 1901, circle in 1903 in Hungary. Mi68A.
3 K blue-green bridge in 1901 in Serbia. Mi69
3 K blue-green bridge in 1901 in Slovakia.
5 K issue in 1901 (???). Mi70