Hungary 1881 Numerals

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  • Issue Date: 1881 February 1
  • Designed by: Janos L. L'Hiver
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: engraved with one colour
  • Perforations: various between 11² and 13²
  • Watermark: kr in oval
  • Catalogue Numbers Michel 21A-25A (perforated 11², 12:11²), 21B-25B (perf. 13 etc)

Valid until 30 September 1900.

Unused stamps

2 kr

Used stamps

2k violet used in Croatia in 1891. Mi21aA
2k slate-blue used in Romania in 1889. Mi21bA
3k Mi22 used at TEMESVÁR in Romania.
3k Mi22A used in Croatia.
3k Mi22A used at Nogradszakal (HU) in Hungary.
Circle at ZOMBOR in 1897 in Serbia. Mi22A.
5k Mi23A used at Zrenjanin in Serbia in 1882.
5k Mi23A used in Slovakia in 1888.
5k Mi23A used Ollersdorf im Burgenland in Austria in 1888.
5k Mi23A Antiqua at Secanj in Serbia in 1890.
5k Mi23A used at Szugy (HU) in Hungary in 1890.
10k Mi24A used in Hungary.
20k Mi25A used.
20k Antiqua cancel at Kunhegyes in Hungary Mi25A.
Late use (1895) at TOLNA in Hungary.
Late use at Odzatsi in Serbia. Mi25A

1890-1891 sub-issue

The triangles appear faintly in this regraving.

2k violet used at Budapest in 1897.
10 kr unused Yvert 21A.
10 kr used in 1891 in Slovakia.