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Reichspostdirektion (RPD) Nurnberg was designated with Postleitzahl (PLZ) 13a and included the government district of Mainfranken (temporarily it had its own PD, Würzburg), Oberfranken, Mittelfranken and Oberpfalz as well as parts of Lower Bavaria. The government district Oberpfalz and the parts of Niederbayern were attached to the newly founded RPD Regensburg on 15.8.1945.

PD Würzburg - PLZ 13a The PD Würzburg existed from 25.5.1945 until 7.8.1945 and encompassed the government district Mainfranken. The PD Würzburg was not recognized by the RPD Nuremberg as an independent organization. Therefore, in the PD Würzburg, different arrangements were made at different times. From 8.8.1945 the orders from Nuremberg were valid.