Great Britain Penny stamps from 1840-1879 - Franz Zehenter (German)

From Stamps of the World
Everything Will Be Different
Postage Freedom And High Dues
Postal Reform, Part One
Fourpenny Uniform Rate
A Matter Of The Past
Postal Reform, Part Two
Uniform Penny Postage
1 Penny For Half An Ounce Or 2 Pence If Unpaid
Parliamentary Stationary
New Start With New Conditions, The First Day
Mulready Envelopes
New Start With New Conditions, The Second Day
Protected against Re-Use
Standard - Or Maybe Not ?
Identification Of The Prepayment
Origin Of Prepaid Lettersheets
London District post 1d envelope
Corresponding For Higher Weight
London District post 2d envelope
The Not Really Successful Result
The Origin Of The Postal Stamps
Charles Whiting -- Perkins Bacon
Suitable For A Letter Of Half An Ounce
The Same Picture For 40 Years
Handmade Paper
Black Is Not Always Black
Assistance For The Printing Process
At Last Something Still Went Wrong

The Very First Printing Plate
Penny Black Plate 1a
Totally Repaired - Plate 1b
Penny Black Plate 1b
The Left Star Of Plate 2
Penny Black Plate 2
The Colours Of Plate 3
Penny Black Plate 3
The "Stained" Plate 4
Penny Black Plate 4
The "Bumps" Of Plate 5
Penny Black Plate 5
The Lateral Boards Of Plate 6
Penny Black Plate 6
The Development Of The "O"-Flaw On Plate 7
Penny Black Plate 7
The Expansion Of The "O"-Flaw On Plate 8
Penny Black Plate 8
The Long Life Of Plate 9
Penny Black Plate 9
The Distinctive Charakter Of The Check Letter On Plate 10
Penny Black Plate 10
The Scarcest Plate 11
Penny Black Plate 11
The Black Ink On Stamps Of Plate 11'
Looking For A Printing Colour
The Rainbow Trials
Advertising Of New Colours And More
 Details
Early "Black" Plates For The First Printings In Red
The Repaired "O"-Flaw Of Plate 8
Black, Red, Black, Red
Red With A Black Interlude
Dickinson Silk Thread Paper
Corner Letters As A Precaution Against Forgery
Penny Red Plate 11
Variations And Norm
No Repair Necessary
A Section From The Right Part Of The Sheet
The Maltese Cross
Distinctive Maltese Cross
The Gap
Disappearance Of The Flaw
Not Yet Immaculate
Development Of The Multiple Gaps
Constant Flaws
Repaired Ray Flaws
Round And Square Footed Js
Slim And Broad
Double Bottoms
Flagging Sides -- Perkins Bacon
The Last Plate

Near To Perfection
The Production Process Of The Penny Red
The Inadvertent Blue Colouration
Red-Brown Is Not Red-Brown
Variations And Error Correction
The Weak Line In The Upper Right Corner
Before And Afterwards
Limited Rays
Defacement Rules "Maltese Cross In Black"
Maltese Cross Colours
A London Speciality
Distinctive Maltese Cross
Any Cloning Is Difficult
Distinctive Maltese Cross
With And Against Rules
Manchester Paid Late Postmark
Defacement With Statement
Approach To Perfection
Colour Tumult
Printing Shades
Scissors, Rouletting Or Comb
Prince Consort Essay / Henry Archer
Narrow Perforation In A First Step
Wider In A Second Step
Classified Varieties Of Letters
Small Letters In Contrast
Bigger And Broader Letters Were Introduced
Subsequent Use On The Perforated Issues
An Attempt At Simplification
13 Plates In 13 Months
Attributes Of "POSTAGE"
Further Attributes
Science Of Colours
The Problem With The Letters
2d Blue plate 3
Diversity Of The Cancellations
Four Plates Within Three Months
The "Archer" Plates
The Challenge
Mostly Blued Paper

New Corner Letters
2d Blue plate 4
Paper And Colours
Penny Red Colours
Two Special Plates
Both Are Possible
For The Time Being Without Perforation
First Official Perforation
Introduction Of A Perforation Variety
Perforation 16 On The Test Bench
Information Within Cancels
London Late Fee Mail
Last Breaths Of Die 1
Die 1 Meets Die 2
A New Watermark
Special Cases -- Royal Reprint
A New Alphabet
Transition Paper
White Paper As A Norm
Provisional Solution
Another Alphabet
Assets Of The Last Resort
Automating Of The Cancellation

Two And Four
The Watermark
Marginal Markings
Start Of Printing 1.3.1864
Printing Plate 116
Security In All Directions
For Simple Letters
Usages Abroad
A Matter Of Costs
Perkins Bacon
A Call For Proposals
Tender Essays
The Last Trial
Tender Essays
Succession Located
1d Venetian Red

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