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Notes relating to philately - First own stamps: 1851 for the Kingdom Sardinia-Piedmont
- 17 Mar 1861 - 02 Jun 1946: Kingdom of Italy ("Regno d'Italia")
- 25 Mar 1915: Entry of Italy to the powers of the Entente and war-declaration to the former ally Austria-Hungary
- 10 Jun 1940: Entry of Italy in the Second World War on the side of the axis-powers
- 02 Jun 1946: Abolition of the monarchy in Italy and proclamation of the "Repubblica Italiana" after a referendum.

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Note on Printers

  • (IPS) Istituto Poligrafico di Stato, Roma. English Translation: The State Polygraphic Institute, Rome. IPS was founded by the Italian Government on 6 December 1928, moving to Rome that year from Milan. Stamp production continued until 1979 and name changed to IPZS.
  • (IPZS) Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato SpA, Roma. English Translation: The State Printers and Minters, Rome


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